The benefits of using LED lights

The vast majority of LED light bulbs are built to retrofit to existing lamps, meaning that they will fit in compatible fixtures. An LED light bulb with a standard B22d bayonet cap (BC), for example, will fit straight into a standard bayonet cap lamp.

LED Lighting uses up to 85% less electricity in comparison to conventional Incandescent lighting options and approx 15% less electricity than CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light).

LED lights are free of harsh chemicals and are made on non-toxic materials. There is no environmental dangers and LED's don't contain any mercury or lead. LED is recyclable.

Most LED lights don’t emit any UV Rays.This makes LED safe to illuminate sensitive mediums such as artwork or museum artifacts.

LED lights last longer – up to 40 times longer than the regular incandescent bulbs. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours (That's over 5 years constant illumination)

LED emit almost no heat meaning they pose no risk of burns or fires. Making LED's a safe choice.

LED are really small meaning they can be used for almost any application.