Choosing the right colour temperature

Boss Electrical Online provides you with a wide range of colour choice.

This choice sometimes creates confusion for the customer so we have provided the following guide to help you make the right choice.

Below are the main colour temperatures used in our LED lights:

  • Warm White (3000K) - Similar colour to a traditional incandescent or Halogen globe, used predominantly within homes to create the warm feeling and is by far the most popular choice for home lighting.
  • Neutral White (4000K) - Slightly cooler than warm white, this option provides a perfect balance between warm and cool white and is used mainly in office environments and shopping mall locations.
  • Cool White (5000K) - This colour is often referred to as sun white as it provides a crisp clean clinical feel to the room and does not emit blue tones like daylight white. This colour is mainly used in office environments or homes as it makes the rooms appear brighter and more modern. Cool white is the best solution for outdoor lighting, parking garages, and security lighting.
  • Daylight White (5700K) - This colour is used to provide a vibrant bright white light to commercial areas, similar to cool white, it is mainly used in office environments, outdoor lighting and parking garages.

There are no right or wrong answers, it’s your choice. Consider what the main use and activities are for the area, together with our choice of available colours you will be able to select the ambience required.